Case Study 2

6 months after my SEO Services vs. 6 months before my SEO Services
65.7% traffic from Organic Search

Campaign Result 

  • Organic traffic increased by a total of 313% in 6 months with $0 on paid ads. This equates to an increase of 841 organic clicks and over 200k impressions
  • 65.7% of the website traffic was due to organic search.
  • Improved average position from 56.6 to 36.4
  • Due to an increase in online visibility, my client company began receiving guest posting requests, link-building and exchange requests.
  • Landed the company an interview with Authority Magazine as an avenue to build backlinks and increase popularity.
  • Got them ranking on page 1 for 2 keywords

SEO Campaign

My client company is a start-up with a low domain authority – 7

Considering this, I understood that ranking for specific keywords would be improbable.


Their goal was simple – To increase organic traffic and online presence. They needed their customers and purchasers to find them online

Tools I Used

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • WordPress
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Everywhere


STAGE 1: Technical SEO & Site Architecture

  • Created and submitted a .xml sitemap to Google
  • Bargained for a change in website architecture to create more pages so each page could have its own keyword. And also for a seamless user experience.
  • Found and fixed broken pages (error 404 pages)

STAGE 2: Keyword & Competitor Research

  • Researched for keywords that had medium-high search volume and a low keyword difficulty using tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Keyword Everywhere and Google itself
  • Used Semrush to conduct competitor keyword analysis to discover more potential keywords they could rank for 
  • Used Google Trends to identify keywords that would rank sooner than later in order to create content that would start ranking immediately 

STAGE 3: On-page optimization 

  • Optimized every page on WordPress, from the home page to blogs and most importantly the services page
  • Optimized every page using the rank math plugin on WordPress. This optimization involved optimizing: the title tag, URL, meta tags, alt tags, using H1 – H6 tags. 
  • Created a seamless internal linking strategy for equal link juice distribution and user experience.

STAGE 4: Content Management

  • Managed an in-house team of writers to boost productivity
  • Created a monthly content calendar containing blogs with long-tail keywords that had the potential to rank 
  • Conducted a competitor blog check to see how best to create content that outranked them. In most cases, I opted for longer content and more images. 
  • Published content weekly to let Google know that the website was of good authority and to keep them relevant. 

STAGE 5: Track & Measure Analytics

  • Created a Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for site audits and metrics tracking
  • Tracked keywords they started ranking for using GSC and created more content around them
  • Used Google Analytics to view the behaviour of our audience, view what pages they clicked out from and understand why

STAGE 6: Re-strategize

  • After analyzing the results from the previous stage, I checked my strategy and adjusted where necessary. 

6 months before my SEO services, they had a total of 269 organic clicks and 11.2k impressions.

6 months after working with me, their organic clicks increased to 1.11k and 265k impressions with $0 on paid ads

That’s an increase of 841 organic clicks and over 200k impressions.

This story can be yours too. 

But I want a better story for you. 

Work with me to create a custom SEO solution for you.

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