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Hi, I'm Amanda!

It’s crazy but somehow over the years, I’ve found myself working with startups…

And I’ve been able to achieve significant results for them. Like generating over $35,000 in revenue and increasing organic traffic by 313% with $0 dollars on paid ads! 

So I thought to myself, “why not focus on startups?” And that folks, is how I got here. 

Working with startups has been an experience. And you can read all about it here!

Your 4 Action Steps to Success

Brand Goal

Before diving into SEO for your startup, we need to understand your brand’s goal. Like setting a GPS, it guides our efforts and saves resources.

SEO Audit

Next, we conduct an audit. It’s like giving your website a checkup. We find all the issues that hinder performance, user experience and harm your visibility.

SEO Plan/Strategy

This is your personalized roadmap to success. It outlines your goals, target audience, content, and tactics, aligning them for maximum impact.


Execution is where the magic happens, propelling your site up the search ranks and driving valuable organic traffic, enhancing online visibility, engagement and revenue.

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Need some DIY help?

Check out some blogs I wrote using my firsthand experience. I share how I achieved some of my results

Let's elevate your startup!

I’m dedicated to driving your venture forward because I truly believe in your potential. My SEO expertise is fueled by a genuine desire to see startups like yours thrive. Let’s collaborate and make your startup’s journey a remarkable success.

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