Case Study 1

“Amanda’s work ethic as a Content Manager was exceptional during our collaboration. Her contributions had a significant positive impact on our brand’s, reach, engagement and sales. Her approach led to a 59% increase in sales during our bootcamp, which is a remarkable achievement. Additionally, her content style helped improve social media outreach, which further contributed to the success of our sales campaign. Her dedication, creativity, and ability to connect with the audience played a vital role in achieving these impressive outcomes. Would definitely recommend anytime, anyday!”

– Anuoluwapo Aina (Product Manager)

SEO is more than Google Search…

My client’s major source of revenue was social media. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to be specific.

It was through these platforms that I was able to:

  • Make a 59% increase in sales which was approximately over $54,000
  • Spearhead brand awareness campaigns that resulted in a substantial increase of 8,884 leads.
  • Amplify audience engagement by an impressive 50.7% by creating captivating content that resonated with the target audience and fostered meaningful interactions.


Stage 1: Audit and Analysis

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the social media analytics for the preceding 90-day period.
  • This research enabled me to discern prevalent trends in audience behavior, thereby identifying the most resonant content types and formats.
  • I also sourced for used relevant keywords/hashtags which exhibited a demonstrable impact on both traffic generation and engagement metrics.

Stage 2: Content Strategy

  • The team and I comprehensive keyword research, with a specific focus on identifying high-volume hashtags related to our niche and industry.
  • We also crafted persuasive Call to Actions (CTAs), strategically designed to seamlessly guide prospective visitors towards conversion as valued clients, propelling them through the various stages of our marketing funnel.
  • We worked closely with the product marketing team to create an editorial calendar and in turn a monthly calendar using insights from the audit and analysis

Stage 3: Content Calendar

  • The content calendar consisted of carefully curated content for our target audience
  • We took into account the timing of our post in order to catch our audience at the right and best time
  • We also took into account the format and type of content for each social media platform, not excluding TikTok, Twitter, now X, Threads and Youtube. However, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn was the target focus

Stage 4: Execution

In accordance with the content calendar, we

  • Put out post at agreed times with carefully written captions that compelled and converted while also keeping the brand voice in mind
  • Strategically used all the keywords researched to drive more traffic and engagement to the various platforms


  • Witnessed a substantial 59% surge in sales, equating to a remarkable increase of over $54,000 in revenue.
  • Audience engagement experienced a noteworthy boost of 50.7%, reflecting heightened interaction and involvement.
  • Efforts led to the generation of a robust lead count of 8,884 potential prospects.

SEO is now way more than just Google Search. It expands to every platforms where you can search for content.

My client made over $54,000 without Google search

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